Innovative design is the core value of Team DDK that means an excellent product could not live w/o innovations. DDK has been producing saddle for 40 years since 1970. Nearly half-century abounding experience in saddle manufacturing professions, that leads to maturity with the producing procedure & technology. Hence, DDK decides to launch a brand-new series of ODM products to meet the varied customer demands.

ODM Concepts

DDK ODM products Designs are particularly created according to the customers and marketing demands. The Team DDK Designers give the concept of saddles by the property and the demands of the bicycles, that will make the ODM products with the most suitable design, material, stitching, printing & benefit, etc. for our customers.

ODM Product Designing process:

DDK ODM Products are manufactured by a system industrial designing procedures, every connections are particular created from the specialized design & development in order to assure the best quality of the products and bring the customer's confidence with DDK.