2015 The 24th National Award of Outstanding SMEs and the 17th Outstanding Overseas Taiwanese SMEs Award

Publish date:2015.10.29

The 24th National Award of Outstanding SMEs and the 17th Outstanding Overseas Taiwanese SMEs Award

      FOMING has been 15 years of challenging and hard journey in Vietnam. In 2005 implementation of the EU-dumping sanctions on Vietnam, FOMING has to face the crisis of orders lost. In 2008 financial crisis caused by the market downturn. In 2014 513 riots, destroyed years of painstaking efforts of FOMING in one night. The company’s property was being destroyed by rioters; the office and factory were also burned down. This disaster did not overthrow him, and he still keep the faith, stood up again. In 2015 the brand new factory is going to start the production soon; it will be another height of his life!

       Key Success Factors FOMING philosophy is: 1. To carry out the commitments for customers and suppliers. 2. To become the leader brand of the worldwide bike saddle Industry. 3. To undertake the responsibility for partners and employees. To lead the team with these three key philosophies make Richard away from the enemies and further strong bonding with customers, suppliers, competitors and employees became bosom friends. FOMING has become one of the world’s top ten bicycle saddle manufacturers, with the in-house production of 98%, annual production up to 7 million units, and 5.5% of global market share. Major market throughout Europe, Asia, Central, and South America. In addition, FOMING also actively expended its business in many other countries. FOMING now is with great growing potential.

       Public-spirited, Environment Care “Human concern” FOMING has actively participated in the local community in Vietnam. Especially when the visit of the Taiwanese government or the Representative at all levels, FOMING is husiastically provide information and necessary assistance through the Chamber of Commerce overseas Chinese and personal relations. “Promote the concept of environmental protection” : FOMING follows environmental protection system. Whole plant established rainwater recycling, complete recycling system, solar hot water system, as well as encouraging employees to commute with bicycles to reduce carbon emissions. “Contribute to the community” FOMING has passed SA8000 certification. “Received from the society and giving back to society” is best portray of the way FOMING to Vietnam. “Sustainable development” FOMING has begun integrating environmental management into business operations in 2015. It also accepted ISO14001 counseling, scheduled for 2016 certification. To respect for the environment, insist sustainable development, this is the way how FOMING entering to the next milestone.