DDK Group has built its global image with quality and innovative products.
   Historic milestones in the company’s history have formed a strong foundation for the company’s bright future.

  • 1970 Founding of the DDK Group
    The original DDK Group was founded in 1970 as a motorcycle shop that manufactured and repaired seating pads for motorcycle and sport equipments.

  • 1982 Officially joined the Bicycle Saddle Industry
    The DDK Group made its official announcement of entering the bicycle saddle industry.

  • 1992 Made major achievement in the market & The expansion of the original factory
    DDK successfully became one of the major brands and saddle producers in Taiwan’s bicycle market through growing sales and marketing strategy. During this same year, DDK Group also expanded its original factory in Taiwan.

  • 1996 The introduction of Brand name Active
    DDK Group officially introduced Active as the brand name to the Taiwan bicycle market.

  • 1997 The merging with Alba Inc. & The certification of ISO 9001-2000
    In 1997, the DDK Group has merged with Alba Inc., one of the competitors in the domestic market for company expansion. During the same year, the DDK Group also successfully obtained the ISO 9001-2000 certification.

  • 1998 Establishment of the second factory
    A second factory for DDK Group was built in Taiwan.

  • 1999 & 2000 Plan to expand and established factory in Vietnam
    Near the end of 1999, DDK Group went to Vietnam to evaluate the company’s expansion plan for a new factory due to growing customer demands. The factory began its construction in June of 2000.

  • 2004 DDK established its Global Marketing Department in Taipei, Taiwan
    Due to the rising demands of the international market, DDK Group decided to establish a Global Marketing Department in Taipei, Taiwan.

  • 2005 Vietnam factory successfully complied with the standards of ISO and SAI & Establishment of DDK China branch in Shenzhen, China.
    In 2005, DDK Group’s Vietnam factory successfully obtained the ISO Certificate from International Organization for Standardization and the SA8000 Certificate from Social Accountability International through its training of international standards. During the same year, the Vietnam factory also began its production process.

  • 2006 Plan to expand and established factory in Cambodia & The introduction of the TPS system to the Vietnam factory.
    In 2006, DDK Group planned to establish a new factory in Cambodia. In the same year, Toyota Production System was introduced as the official manufacturing system for the Vietnam factory to boost production efficiency.