DDK focused on qualities in everything we do. From international standards to company’s working environments, we want to strive for excellence in every single category. All DDK products are tested and guaranteed within the standards provided by the regulations in force (ISO, CEN, JIS, NF, and REACH).

Factory Intro

With decades of experiences, our factory now has the abilities to produce various kinds of products other than just saddles. We have advanced knowledge and technology in every process of the production flow, consisting of product evaluation, product development, product testing, product quality control and product management. In addition, the vertical integration system of our factory allows us to perform all the tasks efficiently in one location starting from product research development, molding, plastic injection, printing processing, laser processing, knitting processing, PU foam making, saddles manufacturing to product marketing.

Starting in 2006, we also successfully implemented the TPS (Toyota Production System) system into our factory program to boost efficiency through the elimination of wastes in manufacturing process and the reduction of time in production. Today, our efficient management systems have allowed us to stay competitive by fulfilling our customers’ needs.

TPS system

Since 2006, our company has implemented the Toyota Production System (TPS) to our factory program. TPS is a manufacturing system created by Toyota to enhance production efficiency through the eliminations of overstock, inconsistency, and waste during manufacturing. Currently, our company has an internal TPS team responsible for the implementation process of the TPS system to every unit in the company. The TPS implementation will need a certain number of years to phase-in before it can be completely effective. However, with our great efforts, there is already a tremendous improvement in our production efficiency in terms of production time and overstock.

The main purpose of the TPS is to eliminate the 7 kinds of wastes with the elimination of inconsistency:

1. Waiting (of machine or operator) - Time is money.
2. Conveyance - No additional value.
3. Correction (rework & scrap) - Waste of raw materials.
4. Motion (of machine or operator) - Minimize the motions needed for work.
5. Processing itself - Minimize each processing time.
6. Inventory - Takes up additional space.
7. Over-production - Additional expense paid in advance before actual orders.

With the implementation of the TPS system, the reduction of inconsistency drives out the seven wastes which boost our production efficiency so we can produce excellent products to win our customers trust.

Coming in the near Future - ERP

Currently, we are working on the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system so our customers can track the status of their orders through computers in near future.

ISO 9001-2008 Approval

DDK is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, which means our systems for quality management meet the international standards. ISO 9001 is a standard regulated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and it is primarily concerned with “Quality Management” and what business entity does to fulfill customers’ quality requests.

As an international business entity, the DDK Group not only complied with ISO 9001 as the mandatory requirement, but also used the standards as references to improve the manufacturing procedures. We conduct strict internal audit annually throughout our company to ensure we have the best quality control in products and services. We believed this is just the most basic requirement in order for us to supply our customers with goods and services they can always rely on.

REACH Approval

REACH has recently entered Europe in 2007 as one of the regulation forces enforcing rules on production and use of chemical substances. Standards of REACH are currently the strictest regulation in the world for chemical substances and it is primarily concerned with chemical substances’ potential impacts on both human health and the environment.

In order to comply with REACH standards, DDK has put in lots of efforts to eliminate all the potential toxic substances in its production to prevent any harmful effects for human, which elevates our quality management to a whole new level. We makes use of REACH standards to enhance our internal procedure for chemical substances. By complying with REACH, we can now ensure and guaranteed our customers with the safest product qualities they deserved.