In today’s global market, companies’ responsibilities cover more than just customers and employees. The CSR standards have emerged as the recommended policy for many companies in the Western World. Therefore, as an emerging Taiwanese company, we have been working hard to integrate the CSR policy into our business model in order to strengthen the company’s sustainability. The triple bottom lines of CSR: Social Contribution, Environmental Contribution, and Financial Contribution are used as our references to follow the CSR standards.

Currently, we are looking to raise our company’s credibility and value by practicing the strategies suggested by CSR. We actively promote the public interest by making positive impacts to the local communities with bike riding activities and events. From production to customer service, we are trying to create a sustainable, efficient system for the whole company. The CSR ways will make us not only responsible to our shareholders but also to our customers, employees, and communities.

Environmental Responsibility

Global warming and pollution problems are becoming a big concern for citizens around the world. Bad business practices have reported to be one of the major causes of environment deterioration. As a global, responsible citizen, we realize that our company has enormous responsibility to prevent harmful practices to the environment. Our goal is to protect the planet from further deterioration and to create more business opportunities at the same time through greener business practices.

Since we are the manufacturer of green products, we are working hard towards the eco-friendly direction. Starting with our manufacturing materials, including all the substances used in the production process will entirely be eco-friendly and tested in the near future. Furthermore, we took a great part in training and educating our employees to raise their environmental awareness and further enhance their desire to participate in eco-friendly activities. These are just part of our first step in our efforts to save the planet and we will continue to conduct more eco-friendly practices for a greener future.

Social Responsibility

DDK Groupvalued social responsibility as much as environmental responsibility. We want to create a social-friendly sphere for everyone and everything we do. For our customers, we provided excellent quality products with efficient service besides being eco-friendly. For our shareholders, we respect everyone’s opinion on the company’s decision and direction besides just profits. For our employees, we want to create a safe and enjoyable environment for them to maintain a good physical and mental health status. Lastly, as a responsible business entity, we enthusiastically participate in activities that benefit our society and communities.


SA8000 is a global standard primarily concerned with whether a business entity provides decent working conditions and environment to its workers. Our company has complied with SA8000 as an effort to create a working environment where all workers can work safely and happily. In addition, we want to create a healthy work system that helps employees in maintaining good physical and mental health through the balance of their life between work and private time. We believe good working conditions and environment will not only make our employees happy but at the same time make our customers satisfy.